Strategic Plan Goals and Vision for 2020

Membership Recruitment, Engagement and Retention

  • Increase member totals and sustain a total greater than 600  members monthly

  • Promote member engagement and participation at the local and state levels

  • Promote meeting attendance through social media advertisement

  • Meeting giveaways or incentives to attend (optional) and promote membership

  • Membership campaign and Chapter Challenge from January 1-May 31st

  • Engage ED managers and nursing students to join ENA

  • Promote certification in the emergency nursing specialties

  • Develop an outreach plan with chairperson of student relations to introduce student nurses in emergency nursing 


Philanthropy and Charitable Giving

  • Raise $5000 + for ENA’s Foundation State Challenge a name a scholarship

  • Chapters to encourage giving at local meetings to ENAF

  • Chapters are encouraged to pledge an amount to state for annual ENAF giving

  • Chapters are encouraged to adopt and support charities in their local area


Annual State Achievement Award

  • Meet minimum guidelines to apply including all official regulatory filings and all reporting deadlines.         

  • Complete all local and state elections by September 30th

  • Review application components; all state and chapter leaders play a part

  • Maintain submitted chapter and state reports and records in Google drive


Leadership Succession Planning and Engagement

  • Foster leadership development and deliver orientation for new leaders yearly

  • Solicit member engagement to attend ENA events and serve as delegates

  • Budgeted financial support for elected officers attending SCLO; SCENA SOPs covers reimbursement for 4 state officers and one officer per chapter to attend. Chapters encourage and support additional officers and leaders as permitted by registration requirements.  

  • Budgeted financial support for selected GA delegates/alternate per allotment; SCENA SOPs cover reimbursement and may be revised yearly as necessary.

  • Engage emerging professionals to join ENA and engage in member activities

  • Foster Leadership in Chair positions with a strategic goal for each committee.

  • Promote mentorship in chair positions 


Maintain Effective Communication with Members

  • Update our communication and social media platforms

  • Communicate official state meeting and educational opportunities

  • Launch virtual meeting options for state and local chapters in 2020


Promote and Provide Educational Opportunities

  • Communicate and advertise educational opportunities via social media platforms and meeting minutes

  • Plan and provide at least one state educational event yearly and promote chapter events

  • Engage and maintain instructors to teach ENA courses to members

  • Community outreach; conduct injury prevention and safety public education


Advocacy Awareness and Engagement

  • Promote and communicate federal and state healthcare legislative activities and opportunities to members to engage including joining EN411

  • Support members to attend ENA’s Day on the Hill in Washington, DC; SCENA SOP’s cover reimbursement for approved attendees per alottment

  • Advise members of current healthcare legislative issues and promote engagement in advocacy activities