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During this stressful time, we know the importance of healthcare staff remaining mindful of their own well-being. Here are some complimentary webinars to help with self-care. These carry free contact hours. Feel free to share with nursing staff and please let me know if you have questions. Thank you for being a Walden University partner and for your service to our community, and stay well,


Stress Management

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Presented by: Debra Rose Wilson, PhD MSN RN IBCLC AHN-BC CHT


Being a nurse is extremely rewarding, but it also can be extremely stressful. Stress management is one of the most important self-care techniques that nurses can practice. In this engaging session, Dr. Debra Rose Wilson offers effective stress management strategies for both personal and professional settings.

Walden University invites you to assess stress in your life and understand the connections between stress and health.

Expiration Date of Enduring Material: 11/13/2020



Refilling Your Cup

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Presented by: Robin E. Squellati, PhD, APRN-C


Nurses are so deeply invested in caring for their patients that it’s easy for them to forget about their own needs. This theme reminds nurses to take care of themselves to enhance their capacity to care for others. Walden University invites you to refill your cup—reset and recharge mind, body, and spirit.

Discover the key elements of a healthy and happy lifestyle, learn tips on how to achieve a rewarding work-life balance, and receive practical tools to assist and guide you.

Enduring material expires: 9/18/2020



Healthy Nurses Series: Eliminating Bullying Behaviors to Create a Healthy Work Environment

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Presented by:

Bobbie Sue Whitworth, PhD, MSN, RNC
Jeanne Morrison, PhD, MSN, RN

Healthcare organizations are no exception to bullying in the workplace. In fact, the American Nurses Association addressed the issue in its publication, Bullying in the Workplace: Reversing a Culture. Bullying can cause anxiety and depression and can result in decreased job satisfaction, lower morale, and reduced productivity across the workforce. Walden University invites you to watch this webinar to find out why evidence-based practices must be implemented in the workplace to prevent bullying.

Enduring material expires: 10/30/2020



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